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2012-08-15 speak (spoke, spoken) He spoke to the class about the problem. Can you speak Chinese? I'd like to speak to Mr. Pitt, please. talk (talked, talked) They talked for hours about the problem. Can I talk to Mr. Pitt, please? say (said, said) She said nothing all morning. (spoke no words) As she entered, she said 'Hello' to me.

Talk speak say tell exercises

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Review say and tell here Download this quiz in PDF here See all reported speech exercises here 1 Use the correct form of say, speak, tell and talk to complete the sentences. a. What did he _____ to you? She _____ nothing. b. Can you _____ me when the movie starts? c.

A witness . that the train had been traveling fast. 2.

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* it's fair to say * need I say * Need I say… Exercise A: 1. Said, 2. Tell, 3. Speak/Talk, 4.

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| All our lessons and exercises A collection of downloadable worksheets, exercises and activities to teach Say/tell/speak/talk, shared by English language teachers. Welcome to ESL Printables , the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc.

Talk speak say tell exercises

I usually go to work right after breakfast and  Say, tell, speak, talk- confusing verbs exercises. Misused verbs. Confused verbs in English English vocabulary-building exercise for pre-intermediate / intermediate level.
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Talk speak say tell exercises

a. What did he _____ to you? She _____ nothing. b.

You should _____ her that we're going to be late. tell speak say 7. Do you _____ English? talk speak tell 8.
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Known as someone Listening is the language of love, social scientists tell us. Thank You Your address to our company yesterday evening has everyone talking today. and what blocks the process of speaking our truth and being understood. and relationships arise because we are too scared to say what we really think.

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Emblematic, in this regard, is when we were talking about some group work I was doing This point, her psychological ability, was another score with me: as I said Aninia came up with this training exercise to help me to be present and “fill the In the end, my manager told me “very good presentation; not only the slides,  Tell about the picture and use the 5 questions: Where is it?